TV Week: 24-30 Mar 2013

The Following – “Guilt” (B-)
The first 2/3rds of this episode were about as good as this show gets, but then they just had to blow it. The writers have basically painted themselves into a corner, and it’s definitely not a show smart enough to figure it out in a creative. But there are only five episodes left, so let’s stick it out. That’s probably a sign this show is getting worse, because if I feel relieved their are only five episodes left instead of angry.

Modern Family – “The Wow Factor” (B+)
Good to have it back, and it’s time to accept that this show will ALWAYS try to pack in too many storylines. Read my review here.

Happy Endings – “In the Heat of the Noche,” “The Straight Dope” (average: A-)
Are you listening, TBS? You must pick up this show when ABC, which has treated it unkindly this season, cancels it.

See you later: Legit

The Simpsons – “Black Eyed, Please,” “Dark Knight Court” (average: B+)
Inspired silliness, plus Bill Plympton and Janet Reno! There was a missed opportunity for a Waco joke, but I’ll let that slide since they got away with Ned telling Homer, “I’m insisting on a fisting!”

The Following – “Welcome Home,” “Love Hurts” (average: B-)
Enjoyed the former, but watching back-to-back episodes makes me realize this show has a very strict framework that’s starting to wear thin.

Community – “Economics of Marine Biology” (B)
Would have been a B-plus or even A-minus but that whole Abed-led fraternity was basically the most pointless thing this show has ever done.

Happy Endings – “The Marry Prankster,” “Our Best Friend’s Wedding” (average: A)
See the entry under “New Shows.”

The Simpsons (Season 5) – “Deep Space Homer,” Homer Loves Flanders” (average: A)
You don’t always laugh as hard at the episodes you’ve seen dozens of times, especially with some dated gags. But these two episodes are among the top tier of this ridiculously good season.

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