TV Week: 17-23 Feb 2013

The Simpsons – “Hardly Kirk-ing” (B+)
Bart and Milhouse have pretended to be adults before, but not for as long as this. I appreciated that the show crossed the line for once (Milhouse almost becomes the victim of statutory rape), which hasn’t happened in ages. Plus, we got a Homer subplot that worked precisely because it was pointless.

Girls – “Boys” (A-)
After that rocky start, this is becoming an absolute great show again. My HBO Go account may be gone, but I will find a way to watch this show! Read my review here.

The Jeselnik Offensive – Pilot episode (B-) / airs Tuesdays at 9pm CST on Comedy Central
Though crossing the line is Anthony Jeselnik’s forte, there’s a certain expiration date on jokes about Virginia Tech and the Aurora massacre. There’s a line between “too soon” and “too late.” It’s clear that Jeselnik absolutely despises anything resembling a format, but the structure could help. His best bits aren’t the timely ones, but timeless, tasteless jokes about cancer and cancer survivors. “What’s black and white and read in six weeks? Your will.”

The Americans – “In Control” (A-)
This week’s episode dealt with the threat of nothing less than global nuclear war. I am still in awe of how this show manages to maintain tension week in and week out. Right now, it’s easily the best drama on TV.

Community – “Conventions of Space and Time” (B)
This was the first episode I felt that the least of all the criticisms against the show (that feels like just a sitcom, instead of Community) but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Am I now in the sub-cult of a cult show?

Parks and Recreation – “Leslie and Ben” (A)
Basically, the happiest I’ve felt watching a TV show, at least since Ben proposed to Leslie. Give everyone on this show an Emmy.

Lost to the time, to get caught up on in a marathon: The Following, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation (“Correspondent’s Lunch”), Legit

The Simpsons (Season 5) – “Bart Gets Famous” (A-)
Man, the writing was razor-sharp on this season. Ah, to live in the golden age.

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