The Weekender: Send the ‘Pain’ Below


Pain & Gain (R)
Starring Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, Anthony Mackie
Written for the screen by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely
Directed by Michael Bay
Though I’ve never been a fan of Michael Bay’s overblown, overlong explosion orgies, it’s fairly undeniable that Pain & Gain had one of the best trailers of all time. Based on a true story of bodybuilders who kidnapped and extorted a wealthy client, this is tragedy played for laughs. I hope Bay pulls it off.

The Big Wedding (R)
Starring Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon
Screenplay by Justin Zackham
Directed by Justin Zackham
Based on a French comedy, The Big Wedding features a sprawling cast (that also includes Robin Williams, Topher Grace, Christine Ebersole, Ben Barnes, the lovely Amanda Seyfried and the insufferable Katherine Heigl) but absolutely no originality. De Niro and Keaton have to pretend they’re still married because their adopted son’s biological mother is coming and — get this — she’s Catholic! I wonder what will happen on the wedding day?

Mud (PG-13)
Starring Matthew McConaughey, Sam Shepard, Reese Witherspoon
Written and directed by Jeff Nichols
All right, all right, all right. Jeff Nichols’ follow-up to his critically acclaimed Take Shelter, Mud features McConaughey as the title character, a drifter who befriends two teenage boys.

Starbuck (R)
Starring Patrick Huard, Julie LeBreton, Antoine Bertrand
Written by Ken Scott & Martin Petit
Directed by Ken Scott
A hit in its native Canada, Starbuck is the pseudonym of David (Patrick Huard), a prolific sperm donor who finds himself named in a class-action lawsuit by 142 of his children.

Top Pick
Jurassic Park 3D

Jurassic Park 3D
Though the extra dimension doesn’t add anything, this still remains the pinnacle of blockbuster entertainment. It’s perfectly paced, well-written and the special effects are still awe-inspiring. If you don’t own it on Blu-ray yet, pick up this edition.

To rent:
Any Day Now (77%)
The Central Park Five (94%)
Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie
Gangster Squad (32%)
• Happy People: A Year in the Taiga (87%)
Last Shop Standing: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop
A Haunted House (6%)
The Impossible (81%)
K-11 (8%)
Promised Land (52%)
Thale (50%)
Wuthering Heights (68%)

To buy:
TV: Mr. Selfridge

Blu-ray: Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, The Great Gatsby (1974), Magic Town, The Red Pony

Criterion: Richard III (1955), Pierre Etaix Collection

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