Summer TV Hangout 2014 Lineup

Last year was a sort of experiment for me with TV coverage. I think I tried to do way too much, and shows I planned on burning through got left off entirely. Other shows I worked through much more quickly than anticipated. So this year, I’ll take a more relaxed pace, covering fewer shows and hopefully opening up more time to do things like read and exercise (two things I like to do but never make time for). Here’s the plan for now, barring any hiccups in availability and as time permits.

Starting June 7, I’ll post once a week and cover the following shows:

The Wire (Seasons 1 & 2)
I’ve been meaning to start this HBO show for, oh, about five years now. This summer, I plan to at least make it through the shows first two seasons, and will likely continue to go through it as the fall TV season starts again.

Undeclared (Season 1)
Back in college, I started Judd Apatow’s fantastic secondary education series. But I never finished it, and I bet I’ll find it even more poignant and hilarious now.

The Simpsons (Season 7 & 8)
I’ll continue to follow along with Erik Adams and the TV Club All-Stars as they finish up the terrific seventh season and begin the eighth.

Blackadder (Seasons 1-4)
Kate Kulzick will cover Rowan Atkinson’s first famous series, as the mischievous Blackadder travels through time. I’ll cover this at the same pace she does.

The Newsroom (Seasons 1-2)
I’ve seen every episode of Aaron Sorkin’s terrific show, but my fiancĂ©e has not. I’ll rewatch with her in anticipation of Season 3 premiering this fall. This will likely start later in June or July.

The Office (UK Series 1 & 2)
A holdover from last year, there’s a possibility it may get dropped again. I plan on starting coverage of this show August 2.

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