Giving thanks

Despite a weak year for film and music, there’s a lot to be thankful for in the realm of pop culture. Here is what I’m giving thanks for today.

Thanks to the best network on TV for not canceling Terriers yet. It has dismal ratings, even for basic cable, but you’re still giving the sharpest, scrappiest, genre-defying-ist show on television a full 13 episodes.

Kanye West
Thank you, Yeezy. For being a musical genius and a complete and utter prick. This way I can feel conflicted about loving your work so much and constantly defending you.

Roger Ebert
Thanks to you, sir, for never giving up on your work after all you’ve been through. You may have gone a little soft in your old age, but at times you can be as bitchy as Peter Travers on his worst day. You’re still a personal hero of mine, and you’re bringing back the Thumbs this January. Can’t wait.

The A.V. Club
Thanks to the sister production of the Onion. It’s not because I still dream of working there. Or because Nathan Rabin writes such awesome columns or because Tasha Robinson writes such succinct reviews. The real reason I’m giving thanks to you this year is for this line from Steven Hyden’s review of Ke$ha’s new album:

“As a human being, Ke$ha is a terrible failure. As an excuse for ‘dancing like we’re dumb,’ which she endorses on the ‘let’s get f***ing f***ed up’ rager ‘We R Who We R,’ she’s a complete and utter genius.”

Due Date
Thanks to the meat between Todd Phillips’ Hangover sandwich for not disappointing me at all. Sure, it could never be as good, funny or unexpected as that raunchy Vegas comedy. And that subplot with Jamie Foxx was completely pointless. But you were still hysterical and poignant in all the right places.

Girl Talk
Thank you, DJ Gregg Gillis. For releasing your album All Day for free and getting so many downloads you crashed the servers at Illegal Art. This record isn’t as much fun as Feed the Animals, and some of your rap samples are downright irritating, but it still proves why you’re second to none when it comes to mash-ups.

Dallas Cowboys
Thank you, America’s team. For sucking so thoroughly this season–despite surprise victories against the Giants and Texans–so I no longer have to dread hearing “How ’bout them Cowboys?!” every week. It’s a great feeling.

Special photo credit thanks: LAist, Blog Writer/Crime Fighter, Laughing Squid, Girl Pants, Rotten Tomatoes, Pigeons and Planes, Cowboys Gab

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