2010 in Review: The Worst Shows


Pretty Wild (E!)
There are countless reality shows, each with characters more horrifying and depraved than the last. But the criminally bad parent and malicious, selfish, slutty daughters make them all look like saints. Kate Gosselin? Mother Teresa. The Situation? Nelson Mandela. The Kardashians? The Incredibles in comparison.


$h*! My Dad Says (CBS)
Where to begin with the ways this show went wrong? First, by putting it on broadcast TV when it needs to at least be on basic cable late at night. Then, they cast William Shatner who does nothing but phone it in. After that, waste the comedic talents of MadTV alumni Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan. Finally, cap it off with the blandest lead actor in television history. Were it not for the appalling No. 1 pick, this would be the worst show of the year.

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