What I Watched This Week: 8 Apr 2018

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “The Puzzle Master” (B+)
A solid “normal” episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, with Jake and Amy collaborating on their last case before she gets promoted to sergeant. We also get a rare Holt-Gina pairing, which leads to great, deadpan burns. Also, was not expecting Alison Tolman as the antagonist for this final stretch of episodes, but I’m definitely here for it.

Silicon Valley – “Chief Operating Officer” (A-)
A whirlwind episode, with Dinesh drunkenly leaking information to his new roommate, a resulting lawsuit, a new deal, and a search for a new COO that ends in one of the show’s few heartwarming moments.

Barry – “Make the Unsafe Choice” (A-)
While I’m less interested in the continuing machinations of Chechen organized crime, Barry prepping to do Mamet is a dream come true, and Sally’s sad audition gave her some real depth.

Legion – “Chapter 10” (B+)
Stylishly explores Farouk’s shadowy (pun intended) plans, while once again forcing David to unravel, not knowing who he can trust, even himself. There’s potential for this to get repetitive, but so far so good.

The Americans – “Urban Transport Planning” (B+)
Philip channels his best Don Draper as mounting bills have him teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Elizabeth and Paige deal with the aftermath of the former’s disastrous meeting with the general. But really this episode is about two fracturing marriages that may be too late to save.

A.P. Bio – “Durbin Crashes” (B+)
Patton Oswalt gives his best performance on this show to date, suffering the wrath of his insane wife (Angela Kirsey) for daring to watch a popular show after she forbade him from it, then holing up at Jack’s place. It’s quite funny, and doesn’t feature any unnecessary B-plotting, but then kind of just ends. Hopefully there’s more to the arc for the rest of the season.

Atlanta – “Champagne Papi” (A-)
An excellent Van-centric episode that’s essentially Waiting for Drake, who we knew wasn’t going to show up. This is exactly the kind of episode that makes Atlanta great, where any night out has a ton of potential, but mostly to go wrong.

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