What I Watched This Week: 3 Apr 2016

Togetherness – “The Sand Situation” (B+)
Though Natalie’s presence in the big caper feels a little a too convenient, Brett and Michelle’s big confrontation had to happen at some point, even if both characters refuse to fight fair with each other. Next week is the big finale, so I hope they can work it out. They’ve both screwed up, but they both owe each other more than they’ve given this season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Maximum Security” (A-)
The show’s left turn is going full steam ahead, with a plot-heavy episode featuring both Diaz and Santiago (and pregnant Melissa Fumero free from bulky blazers hiding her baby bump) go undercover in a women’s prison. I’m OK with an Orange is the New Black parody, since there’s almost nothing this show doesn’t do well, and the fact that we haven’t seen a show try to do that yet.

“Other Voices, Other Rooms” (B+)
“The Eyes of Texas” (B+)
So much plot to cover in only two episodes, but so far this show doesn’t seem like it’s introducing any of its subplots unnecessarily. I’m enjoying my time in Jodie, even if the show needs to kick it into high gear in the back half of its season.

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