What I Watched This Week: 29 Oct 2017

Curb Your Enthusiasm – “Thank You for Your Service” (B+)
Other than the Salman Rushdie episode (which has only gotten better in the weeks since it aired), nothing from this season of Curb has stood with the best. This episode could have gotten there, but it’s a little too overstuffed, with his aborted romance with a sexy mail carrier (Katie Aselton, more than holding her own) seemingly transported into this episode from the story scrap heap. It should have had more time (in its own episode) or not been in this one at all.

The Mindy Project – “Doctors Without Boundaries” (B)
None of the three storylines were bad, per se, but it feels like they’re really rushing things along to wrap up everything with the few episodes they have left. But I appreciate Guy Branum’s personal touches, like calling Mindy and Morgan “Priyanka Nope-ra and Uggo Mortensen.”

This Is Us – “The 20’s” (A)
The best episode of the season thus far, with nary a scene taking place in the present. While the show does bring forth the happy tears when its characters succeed, it’s even better when it’s exploring how they handle failure. That’s where the actors shine the brightest.

The Good Place – “Derek” (B+)
Explores love and glitches with its usual warmth, and Jason Mantzoukas is a delight as Derek. I just wish NBC weren’t idiots when it came to programming, since replacing this show with crappy NFL games until January just proves we’re in the Bad Place.

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