What I Watched This Week: 28 Feb 2016

Togetherness – “Everybody is Grownups” (A-)
Like last year’s “Houston, We Have a Problem,” this is a brutal, almost laugh-free episode of television. Few shows on TV feel as emotionally naked as Togetherness, even if you can’t describe this as a comedy anymore. Glad I’m sticking with this.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Cheddar” (B+)
Finally, the whole precinct gets involved in one case. Still, it wouldn’t call this a highlight of this season. The “have to fix the destroyed house before the owner comes home” is a tried-and-true sitcom plot. And this cast is able, and I’m glad Jason Mantzoukas is sticking around, because his sexual tension with Rosa was the best part of this episode.

The Muppets
“Generally Inhospitable” (A-)
“Because… Love” (B+) / season finale
Back-to-back cliffhangers is a weird decision to make, and if this is the end, so be it. The Muppets never took the leap, but it was never outright bad. It fixed a lot of problems and became one of the most enjoyable half-hours on television. A second season would give me more time with these characters, and it would work better as a hangout show than a workplace comedy. But I don’t think they’re getting that opportunity given the ratings. Maybe we can get another movie in a few years?

The Simpsons (Season 10) – “When You Dish upon a Star” (A-)
Aside from “Krusty Gets Cancelled,” this might be the best star-stutted episode they’ve ever done. Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin are delightfully snippy together, but it’s Ron Howard who steals the show as a script-thieving, alcoholic moocher. “If celebrities didn’t want us digging through their garbage or saying they’re gay, they shouldn’t have tried to express themselves creatively.”

The Wire (Season 4) – “Know Your Place” (A-)
This is B’More and if you’re ever lucky enough to get what you want, it either won’t last long or you’ll be so miserable you’ll want to leave. That’s why you have to know you’re place. This has been a pretty depressing season, but in some ways I think it’s the best thus far. In every aspect of the city, there are no winners, just people losing a little less than someone else.

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