What I Watched This Week: 24 Apr 2016

Veep – “Morning After” (B+) / season premiere
As razor-sharp as ever, but maybe tries to cram too much plot into what’s supposed to only be a few hours after Election Night, in which Selina tied with her opponent. Right now, there’s no other show that provides as many consistent belly laughs as this one.

Silicon Valley – “Founder Friendly” (B+) / season premiere
Stephen Tobolowsky is a great addition to this show, which is nice considering our lead character is being kind of a dick and eroding the goodwill he’s built up, since he’s being pushed out as CEO of Pied Piper. The show’s also serving as an indictment of tech press, gushing over Hooli even as they’re failing and possibly breaking the law. I also hope we have a lot more scenes with Tobolowsky and T.J. Miller. They’re odd-couple chemistry is perfect already.

The Mindy Project – “So You Think You Can Finance” (B+)
Mindy grows episodes are my favorites. Here, she’s trying to budget while also managing an actual female friendship outside of work. It’s surprisingly deep, but yes I’m mostly here for new roomies Morgan and Collette saying outrageous things.

The Americans – “Travel Agents” (A)
Another tense nail-biter as Philip and Elizabeth scour the city looking for Martha, who at this point is so unpredictable it was never sure that she would come back. But the most devastating moment – other than Elizabeth’s literal gut-punch – was Philip finally being completely honest with Martha, letting her know that she’d be fleeing the country without him.

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