What I Watched This Week: 23 Apr 2017

Veep – “Library” (A-)
Selina at her best/worst, constantly flip-flopping on issues to get what she wants, even resorting to using her sexuality to keep her name on people’s lips. But even funnier are Gary and Richard reacting to Andrew’s infidelity with perfectly timed, perfectly in-character responses.

Silicon Valley – “Success Failure” (A-) / season premiere
Another reset, which will split our time between Richard and the rest of the group. Richard, who can often be a selfish jerk, is back to his idealistic self, which should make for a warmer show.

The Americans – “Immersion” (B+)
Another solid, if slow episode that’s a real acting showcase for Matthew Rhys, who for once isn’t in complete control of his undercover romantic situation like he was with Martha.

Saturday Night Live – “Jimmy Fallon/Harry Styles” (B+)
Not as consistent as some of Fallon’s other times as host, but it is quite a bit of fun, with several stand-out filmed sketches.

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