What I Watched This Week: 21 Feb 2016

Togetherness – “Hotels” (B+) / season premiere
Earns a lot of points for jumping ahead and letting the aftermath of Michelle’s infidelity play out over the course of the season. But by cutting to another part of a couple or would-be couple’s face every time there’s an interaction oversells what we already know. Still, this show has some of the most fully developed characters of anything on TV. And yay for confident Alex.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Adrian Pimento” (B)
Jason Mantzoukas kills it as the titular undercover agent adjusting to life without an alias. Still, the same problems persist: They’re trying to give everyone a great line, which they get, but usually in a subpar story.

The Muppets – “Little Green Lie” (B+)
Perhaps the sweetest episode they’ve done yet, as Piggy and Kermit pretend to be a couple again for little Robin, and find themselves possibly rekindling their longtime romance. It’s totally predictable yet lovely all the same. And joining bachelors Rizzo and Pepe with committed Gonzo is inspired. I really hope this show gets the opportunity to take the leap with a second season.

The Wire (Season 4) – “Corner Boys” (A)
A standout episode for Bunk, going against his superiors by getting a “witness” to recant on his testimony about seeing Omar kill a civilian in cold blood. But really, everyone is killing it here: Carcetti showing his legitimacy with the cops, Herc putting the screws to Marlowe, Michael protecting his baby brother. This is the show at its very best.

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