What I Watched This Week: 10 Dec 2017

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
“Game Night” (A)
“The Favor” (B+)
The first is a heartwarming continuation of Rosa’s revelation in the season-best “99,” with her struggle to come out as bisexual to her parents. It’s Jake at his most decent, and also features the welcome return of Gina. The second kicks up the tension in what had been a forgotten storyline about Holt’s unethical decision to save Jake by accepting help from a crime boss. Its ominous ending suggests what’s likely to take up the bulk of the back of the season, in what may be the final stretch of the series. But job well-done for now, guys.

The Crown – Season 2 (A-)
Another sharp season that won’t quite make my top 10. Stellar acting, impeccable production design and cinematography, but it’s just not quite there. Still, the season’s sixth episode might be the best single hour of television to air all year.

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