TV Week: 21-27 Apr 2013

The Following – “The End is Near” (A)
Just a forewarning: This A is not the same as an A for The Americans or Hannibal. It’s simply an A for being the best episode the show has ever done. A real lack of terrible dialogue, Poe references that actually work and some true terror make this the season’s high mark.

The Americans – “The Oath” (A)
Shit goes down in a hurry in the penultimate episode, and the show sealed its fate as the best drama of the year.

Community – “Basic Human Anatomy” (A-)
Now here’s a high-concept episode I was sold on the entire time. Now, c’mon, NBC. Let’s give Greendale another season.

Parks and Recreation – “Swing Vote” (B-)
I really should give this episode a lower grade for its complete lack of effort, but Parks has been so good for so long that it’s OK to have an entirely inessential episode, especially because it gave us what might be the best song Andy’s ever written.

Catch you later: Hannibal, Happy Endings

The Following – “Havenport” (B+)
Hey, look! The FBI actually did something smart for once, and it’s causing the cult to rip apart. And Claire did something other than sit there and cry! This show’s actually getting better the closer it gets to the finish line.

Hannibal – “Potage” (A)
The first 10 minutes or so might be the best thing I’ve seen on TV all year, and then episode really got going. This is the best, scariest thing on TV right now. Even if the ratings aren’t there, NBC should renew this on quality alone.

The Simpsons (Season 5) – “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” (B+)
A perfectly plotted episode that features plenty of laughs and absolutely no B-plot. Now say it with me, “Chow-dah! It’s chow-dah!”

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