TV Recap: Jan. 15-21, 2022

The Last of Us – “When You’re Lost in the Darkness” (A) / series premiere
As a non-gamer, I didn’t know what to expect. Though as a fan of Chernobyl, my expectations were pretty high. This 90-minute pilot is about as good as scripted TV gets: thrilling, emotional and executed at a high level. I can’t wait to take this journey each week.

Mad Men – Season 5 (A- average)
The show’s best season yet, as some characters burn it all down (Lane) and others rise from the ashes of their broken dreams (Joan). This is one of the most devastating, incredible seasons of TV of any show.

Happy Endings – Season 1 (A- average)
I tend to skip Season 1 when I watch Happy Endings, but it took a lot less time to find its footing than I remembered. Watching the show in its intended order helped.

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