TV Recap: Feb. 26-Mar. 4, 2023

Party Down – “Kyle Bradway Is Nitromancer” (A) / season premiere
Comedy reboots don’t have the strongest track record as of late. But this premiere is an encouraging sign, with the show’s trademark blend of cringe and empathy in fine form. Ron finally getting enough money to own Party Down and then declaring: “2020 is going to be my year” elicited my biggest laugh of the year so far.

Animaniacs – Season 3 (A- average)
This final Hulu season went out with a bang, relegating its non-Warner siblings, non-mouse segments even further and delivering some big laughs. Its Christmas episode is an all-timer.

Cunk on Earth (A- average)
Pending the return of The Rehearsal, I doubt I’ll laugh harder this year than this mockumentary series about the history of the world, as observed through the Technotronic-loving, malapropism-spouting globetrotter Philomena Funk.

Mad Men – Season 7 (A- average)
I actually finished this a few weeks ago, but technically difficulties kept me from publishing. Like Matthew Weiner’s former employer The Sopranos, this two-part final season saw its protagonist lose important people to him one by one, then end with a polarizing final shot. I loved it.

Happy Endings – Season 3 (A- average)
It’s one of TV’s great tragedies that this show didn’t get at least one more season to properly wrap things up. Still, this final season was consistently hilarious, providing something resembling emotional stakes for most of its characters.

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