TV Recap: Apr. 24-30, 2022

Barry – “Forgiving Jeff” (A) / season premiere
It’s six months later, and everyone seems to be on an upward trajectory, except for Barry and Gene. So it’s no surprise that their reunion is among the most thrilling and intense moments the show has ever done. But no, they didn’t forget to be funny either. This season looks to be the darkest yet. But Bill Hader and his team are continuing to thread the needle between comedy and tragedy. They haven’t slipped yet.

Seinfeld – Season 6 (B+ average)
The show’s basically on cruise control at this point, and there are quite a few filler episodes, which is not unexpected at this point in a broadcast comedy’s run. But it’s also capable of churning out classics like “The Race,” “The Beard,” “The Jimmy” and “The Fusilli Jerry.”

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