The Weekender: The Distant Future

Movie of the Week

The Signal
Are we in a new era of great, independent sci-fi? With The Rover and Snowpiercer on the way, we just might be.

Jersey Boys
Think Like a Man Too

Korengal – Angelika Plano, Angelika Dallas
Obvious Child – Angelika Plano, The Magnolia

Oak Cliff Film Festival – Texas Theatre

Blu-ray Pick

Picnic at Hanging Rock (The Criterion Collection)
Picnic at Hanging Rock [The Criterion Collection]
Peter Weir’s masterful mystery isn’t for those without patience or like clear resolutions. But for those who value atmosphere and tone, this is one of the best films you’ll ever see, and certainly in the upper echelon of Australian cinema.

New Releases
13 Sins (58%)
Authors Anonymous (7%)
Beneath Hill 60 (85%)
Ernest & Celestine (97%) – Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature
The Final Member (91%)
The Grand Budapest Hotel* (92%)
Jimmy P. (53%)
Joe* (83%)
Read my review at College Movie Review.
The LEGO Movie* (96%)
The Machine (78%)
Test (88%)
Walk of Shame (13%)

House of Cards (Season 2)*
Teen Wolf (Season 3, Part 2)

New to Blu-ray
Hearts and Minds [The Criterion Collection]
Home Before Midnight
House of Mortal Sin
Judex [The Criterion Collection]


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