Random Thoughts on Season Two of Orange is the New Black

Cheers to Netflix's best show!

Orange is the New Black got even better in its second season, which has now been out on Netflix for a month. Here are my thoughts from all 13 episodes.

  • I wanted to linger more on Fig’s punishment, but that may happen in Season Three. She’s simply the most despicable staff member, even more than Pornstache.
  • Speaking of which, we got too little of him. He has a great entrance and a great exit, which is more than most characters get, but I wanted more.
  • Let’s give it up for Lorraine Toussant. As Vee, she’s in the same league as Giancarlo Esposito on Breaking Bad. She’s one of the greatest TV villains of all time. Hard to say which of her betrayals was the more heartbreaking: her foster son or Suzanne.
  • Uzo Aduba definitely should win the Emmy for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series next year.
  • That being said, Poussey had the most heart-wrenching story arc. Maybe they can share the award?
  • My favorite character though was Sister Ingalls. After a lifetime of self-involved protests, her hunger strike against the treatment of elderly prisoners felt like she was getting her mojo back.
  • I just now started talking about Piper. The show still needs her, even if Episode 2 worked just fine without her, but the writing and the acting is so good, she doesn’t even need to be the main focus anymore.
  • Polly and Larry, Daya and Bennett? I just don’t care about you anymore.
  • I don’t miss Alex, but I’m intrigued to see what happens when she returns next season.
  • I absolutely want to go back to that bizarre prison in Chicago, with all those weirdos.
  • Favorite flashback, until it got sad: Black Cindy. A GIF of her swiping a Pay Day would win the Internet.
  • I love Rosa, but can we put a moratorium on dying characters listening to “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” for catharsis?
  • Taystee, after everything that’s happened, might be the most complex character on the show.
  • Interesting to see Pennsatucky be reduced to a non-entity after being the main adversary in Season 1.
  • Soso is, and will always be, the most annoying. Nicky’s method of shutting her up might be the season’s funniest moment.
  • Best line of course is “And you also have a pizza.” Runner up would be, “Ugh. This has Fleet Foxes and shit on it.”
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