What I Watched This Week: 3 Sept 2017

Twin Peaks
“The Return, Part 17” (A)
“The Return, Part 18” (A-) / limited series finale
“Part 17” is everything you could possibly want from a finale. Then “Part 18” reminds you that this is David Lynch we’re dealing with, and if you thought everything was going to wrap up neatly, you’re an idiot. I’ll still be processing my feelings over this frequently brilliant, occasionally messy revival, but I know I’ll never forget it.

The Sinner – “Part VI” (B-)
Gets much ickier as resolution continues to elude us. Maybe this should have only been six episodes?

Police Squad! (A-)
Aside from the second episode, which tries a little too hard, this is one of the most brilliant things to ever air on network TV. Even at six episodes, there’s more killer jokes here than most sitcoms had in their entire run.

CSI – “Grave Danger” (A)
The only episode of TV ever directed by Quentin Tarantino, and it definitely elevates this procedural, with extra attention to detail and a playfulness the show (at least as I remembered it) didn’t always have.

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