What I Watched This Week: 27 Aug 2017

Twin Peaks – “The Return, Part 16” (A)
“I am the FBI.” Coop is back, and thus I was cheering. The terrible Audrey scenes make a bit more sense now, given that she’s been somewhere else this whole time. And Diane is apparently not the real Diane. Will we find out what really happened? Next week we’ll have our answers.

The Sinner – “Part V” (B+)
Seemed to rip off The Night Of and True Detective more than usual, but the addition of the state investigator is an interesting wrinkle. The big takeaway is that lots of people are good at manipulating Cora.

The Tick – Season 1, Part 1 (A- average)
A much deeper show than its silly but essential forbearers. This is smartly absurd writing. Much like Legion, the only other superhero show I’ve invested in, it’s more interested in characters’ mental health than their superpowers. And that makes it all the better. That being said, I hope Part 2 shows up soon, because this is definitely only half a season.

The Good Place – Season 1 (A average)
I appreciate it even more upon this rewatch. It’s just so well-calibrated and sweet and hilarious and thoughtful. And the acting is just phenomenal, especially Ted Danson and D’Arcy Carden.

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