What I Watched This Week: 19 June 2016

Silicon Valley – “Daily Active Users” (B)
A very nuts-and-bolts episode, but Zach Woods more than earned a Best Supporting Actor  in a Comedy Series Emmy for his performance in this episode as the world’s worst liar committing a necessary evil.

Veep – “Kissing Your Sister” (A)
Catherine’s documentary finally reveals that Selina probably isn’t going to win the presidency, along with the progression of her relationship with Marjorie. Its format gives it a slightly new look, but this is the most joke-crammed episode of the season. Everyone caused my sides to hurt.

The Mindy Project – “My Kid Stays in the Picture” (C)
Aside from the Big Kiss at the end of the episode, this is the episode that most shows that 26 episodes was probably too many for this show. Most of this episode is just unnecessary filler. I don’t care about Leo becoming a child actor. This show has treated Leo as such an afterthought, so trying to make him important all of a sudden doesn’t work.

Casual – “Big Green Egg” (A-)
The best episode of the season thus far, as Valerie and Laura finally make some close friends while Alex crosses paths with the woman who broke his heart, and doesn’t show any remorse for it. Still, there’s no way not to have a smile on your face at the end of this episode. And bonus points for having Alex not burn his BBQ. This episode needs because it lost some for being way too on-the-nose about “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces.”

Any Given Wednesday – “June 22, 2016” (B+) / series premiere
A really enjoyable show I’ll watch week-to-week, but it’s definitely got some kinks to work out. But if they have guests as good as Charles Barkley and Ben Affleck each week, this will become appointment television.

The Mindy Project – “There’s No Crying in Softball” (B-)
Ah, the team sports episode. This is no Men of a Certain Age, but maybe a tick better than Happy Endings’ kickball episode (which was probably the low point of the series). This is just OK, though has some killer lines. I just feel like the show is coasting to the end of the season though.

Casual – “Such Good Friends” (B+)
It’s the most awkward potluck since Louie, and it means I’m no longer hating Laura as a character. But Alex needs to try harder for real human connection.

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