What I Watched This Week: 18 Apr 2021

The Simpsons – “Panic on the Streets of Springfield” (B)
Homer getting a big truck has already been done better in the show’s post-peak, but Lisa getting really into a Morrissey stand-in called Quilloughby was hilarious, and provoked the ire of the real Morrissey, who can’t believe the show would dare call him an irrelevant racist, which is what he is. The songs by Bret McKenzie are the real highlight.

Mare of Easttown – “Miss Lady Hawk Herself” (A) / limited series premiere
One of the best pilots I’ve seen in a very long time. The detective stuff feels lived-in and not grafted on or needlessly grim, but the domestic stuff is where the show really shines. Winslet is effortlessly terrific and nails the Pennsylvania accent.

Search Party – Season 4 (A- average)
There were times early on where the show felt like it was really getting away from itself. But then in the back half everything clicked together and became another stellar season.

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