What I Watched This Week: 17 Jan 2016

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “9 Days” (B+)
Its subplots were a bit disappointing – I don’t understand why more ensemble comedies don’t take risks in pairing off some characters and calling it a day – but Holt and Peralta trying to solve a case while suffering from the mumps was incredible. I will always remember Holt telling Peralta that Baltazar (the goiter he nicknamed) is “a thirsty bitch.”

The Simpsons (Season 9) – “Lost Our Lisa” (A-)
As usual, this Lisa-centric episode is a great one, filled with a ton of great visual gags, and a beautiful bonding moment for her and Homer. Lisa’s interaction with Cletus may be the yokel’s single greatest scene.

The Wire (Season 4) – “Home Rooms” (A-)
Classes start, and kids start taking advantage. For as much as you want to root for these kids and make sure they don’t end up in a bad place, some of them are downright horrible. It all comes to a head in a heated classroom slashing. It’s an ugly punctuation note.

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