The List: Top 10 ‘Colbert Report’ Moments

The Colbert Report had a slow start, but Stephen Colbert’s “Stephen Colbert” became one of the greatest performances in TV history, and the show could regularly one-up its parent The Daily Show. With the last episode airing this week, I decided to highlight some of my favorite moments from the show, in no particular order. Enjoy, and also check out the show’s meticulously curated website, which basically has every moment you could think of.

Vampire Weekend vs. The Black Keys (2010)

Colbert Dances to Daft Punk's Get Lucky HD by daftworld
“Get Lucky” Dance Party (2013)

The Word (recurring)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Interview (2006)

Better Know a District (recurring)

Louie Gohmert on Gays in the Military (2014)

The Colbert Super PAC (recurring)

Johnny Cummings: A Person Who is Destroying America (2013)

Gravitas-Off with Stone Phillips (2005)

Meta Free-Phor-All with Sean Penn (2007)

Holiday bonus moment

Nutmeg from Jacob Wild on Vimeo.

John Legend’s “Nutmeg” from A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All! (2008)

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