What I Watched This Week: 9 Sep 2018

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “The Gang Escapes” (B-)
Some funny moments, but Dee’s side-quest is almost too disturbing to glean any humor out of it.

The Good Place – Season 2 (A average)
My rewatch confirms that this is the best comedy on television, uproarious with its jokes but insightful with its philosophy, and honest about how hard it is to be a good person in a world that rarely rewards good behavior and rarely punishes bad behavior.

Season 1 (B+ average)
This is the thrilling, pulpy show I’ve been wanting for a long time. It’s got the prestige budget but without a lot of the prestige trappings. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney are terrific, subtly tweaking the images they’ve (intentionally or not) honed over the last 15 years. It’s not perfect, but it’s never less than gripping.

Season 2 (B+ average)
More of the same, with a lot of major twists or character deaths to end each episode of the home stretch. Laura Linney emerges as the victor of the season, giving a great performance as she morphs into the leader of the entire criminal enterprise. There’s also great supporting work from Janet McTeer as the cartel lawyer.

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