What I Watched This Week: 6 Aug 2017

Twin Peaks – “The Return, Part 13” (A-)
Only one bad Audrey scene, and the rest is great. Who knew Tom Sizemore had it in him?

Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Summer Edition – “August 10, 2017” (B+)
Can this just be the format for SNL going forward? Some killer impersonations, a Cosby burn and Leslie Jones telling a necrophilia joke, and it’s over in 30 minutes. Bada-bing, bada-boom, that’s the Mooch!

The Sinner – “Part II” (B+)
A hell of a lot of twists to throw into episode 2, but we’ve got Mare Winningham, dammit.

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (B+)
In some ways better than First Day of Camp, in part because I knew to expect it to be hit or miss. This thing really should have been six episodes (or 7 at the most, because that 8th episode contains a lot of filler). There were a lot of hits, a lot of misses, and Ronald Reagan demanding that George H.W. Bush “shit on [his] shit,” but the soundtrack cues were perfect.

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