What I Watched This Week: 5 Oct 2014

Between moving and being without internet for the week (because of the aforementioned moving), I wasn’t able to catch any of the new shows. Better luck next week.

The Simpsons (Season 8) – “Treehouse of Horror VII” (A)
Because its third chapter is “Citizen Kang,” arguably the greatest piece of political satire produced in the last 20 years, this automatically gets vaulted to consideration for the best of the show’s Halloween Specials. “The Thing and I” remains a standout because, unlike recent years, it actually goes for scares in addition to the laughs. Latter-day episodes seem to have forgotten that. And “The Genesis Tub,” though the weakest of three, remains a highlight because of its terrific direction and religious aspect. (Yes, even tiny people living in a cup with a tooth submerged in soda wonder why God allows bad things to happen to good people.)

The Wire – “Ebb Tide” (A-)
Though this season premiere certainly isn’t as exciting as anything in Season One, it’s got an even more thoughtful sense of place and a new cast of characters to get to know. I’m most impressed with Pablo Schreiber (Pornstache on Orange is the New Black), Amy Ryan (Holly on The Office) and Chris Bauer (the sheriff on True Blood). Can’t wait to see where things go, especially with the tragic discovery at episode’s end.

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