What I Watched This Week: 4 June 2017

Twin Peaks – “The Return, Part 5” (A-)
Dale Cooper’s turn as Dougie feels a bit tragic, even though he avoided a much bigger tragedy back at the Rancho Rosa estates. I’m sure the little drips of info – like Shelly’s coked-up daughter – will eventually pay off, but, um, why haven’t we seen Matthew Lillard since the first episode?

Silicon Valley – “The Patent Troll” (B)
Another plot-heavy, tech-heavy episode that ends in ironic, pyrrhic victory. So, just another average episode of this show. But Ehrlich thinking Steph Curry is a woman is hilarious and in-character for him.

The Handmaid’s Tale – “The Bridge” (B)
Not particularly fond of the Jezebels storyline, and Moira’s cynicism is almost too much to handle. But the show always knows how to close powerfully, and Elizabeth Moss has the most expressive face on TV, so it’s hard not to also light up when she gets that unexpected package.

The West Wing – Season 6 (B+)
The least effective season thus far, but it’s hard to argue with dynamic candidates and guest stars like the ones that will be the nominees in Season 7.

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