What I Watched This Week: 4 Aug 2019

Legion – “Chapter 26” (A-)
Takes the “Baby Hitler” problem to its logical conclusion, as Sid has to argue with Kerry that killing infant David would be just as reprehensible as what David does as an adult. Meanwhile, in the past, David’s overconfidence once again portends horrific consequences. But I could have spent an entire season in this world. Give me a horror movie set in post-war Morocco with a charismatic villain with psychic powers.

The Handmaid’s Tale – “Sacrifice” (B+)
June goes full Walter White, letting Eleanor die after an overdose. Is this the solution to her problem? If Breaking Bad taught us anything, it will actually create more problems. But I’m intrigued to see what happens to Fred and Serena next season, when they’ll presumably be prosecuted.

The Handmaid’s Tale – “Liars” (A-)
One of the season’s best episodes, as June realizes she’s essentially on her own in her mission. Fred and Serena have a tender moment, as they imagine a world where they’re better off, without the dystopia they helped build. But it’s fleeting, because the episode ends with one of its biggest twists to date: She’s set him up to be arrested once they reach Canada.

Legion – “Chapter 25” (B+)
The biggest flex of the season, with the entire episode focused on an alternate reality where Sid doesn’t grow up too fast and live with an abuser. She’s kept safe by Melanie and Oliver from the Big Bad Wolf (special guest star Jason Mantzoukas) in a planter in New York City. Only this show would try something so audacious when we’re this close to the finale.

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