What I Watched This Week: 29 May 2016

Silicon Valley – “Bachmanity Insanity” (B)
I love Ehrlich as a character, but I’m just not invested in his business partnership with Bighead. And while I was totally buy that Richard would sabotage his own relationship over something as pointless as coding style, romantic comedy is not really this show’s strong suit.

Veep – “C**tgate” (A-)
As Jonah grows a pair, everyone in the White House is terrified that they called POTUS “the worst thing you can call a woman.” But nothing made me laugh harder than seeing staff run down the hall as she goes on “an opinion shopping spree.” And it’s a great joke that Catherine and Marjorie are a couple, because literally no one pays attention to them.

The Mindy Project – “Under the Texan Sun” (B-)
Always great to see Max – er, Peter – but the pacing is off for an episode that tries to do this many things. But seriously, Mindy Kaling is great at all types of comedy, so this episode is saved. But it could have been a great travel episode.

The Americans – “A Roy Rogers in Franconia” (A)
A truly fantastic penultimate episode. Everyone gets a great speech. Nearly everyone reaches their breaking point. The walls are closing in on William and, by extension, Philip and Elizabeth. This is the best show on TV right now, and it’s gearing up for what’s sure to be a tragic finale.

The Mindy Project – “The Greatest Date in the World” (B+)
Ne-Yo was a decent love interest, and it’s good to see Mindy maturing, no longer impressed by someone who knows the best spots in New York. Jody turning from creep to gentleman is still a little hard to believe, but it makes an inevitable Mindy-Jody couple more palatable.

The Americans – “Dinner for Seven” (A-)
The show embraces the awkwardness of Elizabeth flirting(?) with Pastor Tim, with having an FBI agent living next door and barging in to have dinner with a couple that knows the Jennings are spies, with Philip rocking the craziest mullet of this show’s history. And that ultra-violent final scene may have undone all the good will Elizabeth has built back up with Paige.

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