What I Watched This Week: 29 Jul 2018

Sharp Objects – “Ripe” (A)
The best episode yet, furthering the plot while also perfecting the quick edits and ominous flashes. Even Adora is revealed to be more than a one-dimensional busybody and guilt-tripper.

Who Is America? – “103” (B-)
What’s more important: effort or execution? Through three episodes, Sacha Baron Cohen has wild success with getting MAGA chuds to thoroughly embarrass themselves while he plays an ex-Mossad agent. But his other characters don’t work nearly as well, especially his “super-woke” healer. But I still have to give him some credit for his second segment, where he tries to “bridge the divide” between a conservative politician and a rapper. It’s not that funny, but it takes some cojones to try to make the point that sometimes white liberals are part of the problem.

Better Call Saul – Season 2 (A-)
Though there are less big action moments than Breaking Bad, in many ways it’s a superior show, with the drama coming from two people having a conversation. Some people would find that boring, but Better Call Saul makes it exhilarating. Jimmy has always sought to bend the rules, and that will get him in serious legal trouble, mainly because his straight-arrow brother Chuck is just as manipulative as he is. But let’s give praise where it’s due: the incredible character of Kim. Rhea Seahorn is giving an incredible performance, even as she might be overshadowed by Bob Odenkirk and Michael McKean. Oh, and Jonathan Banks, too, adding layers of humanity to his jaded enforcer.

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