What I Watched This Week: 27 Oct 2019

Watchmen – “Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship” (A-)
The show answers a lot of the questions raised in the first episode, but then raises a whole lot more. “What the fuck,” indeed, Angela.

Silicon Valley – “Artificial Lack of Intelligence” (B) / season premiere
While the Guilfoyle-Dinesh stuff still makes me laugh, something about the rhythm of this final season premiere felt off. Yet the show is more relevant than ever, as tech companies are constantly revealed to be privacy-destroying disseminators of garbage.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “The Janitor Always Mops Twice” (A)
One of the show’s best concept episodes, a pitch-perfect parody of film noir, with the show’s gross humor underscoring the entire thing. Any time Charlie is the main focus, it’s going to be an excellent episode.

The Good Place – “A Chip Driver Mystery” (A-)
The show gives Brent a chance to actually improve and he doesn’t exactly rise to the occasion. But in relaying the story to Bad Janet, and giving her her freedom, Michael may be bringing her over to the good side.

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