What I Watched This Week: 27 Jan 2019

Crashing – “The Temple Gig” (A)
Another lovely start to the season. Pete finds new love at a clothing store, and they get to know each other (and each other’s bodies) over the course of one magical day. That he turns to her instead of religious guidance from a rabbi feels like a deeply personal choice, and gives it the perfect capper.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Four Movements” (A)
A lovely goodbye to the least essential member of the Nine-Nine, but a source of some of the biggest laughs. A sweet farewell for an un-sweet character.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “The Tattler” (B+)
An excellent reunion episode, with a somewhat organic exit ramp for Chelsea Perretti. The resolution also deepens the friendship between Jake and Gina, making the latter into a three-dimensional character.

The Good Place – “Pandemonium” (A) / season finale
The show’s most melancholy move yet. Its climax apes the end of Cinema Paradiso (and the Scrubs finale), which was all but guaranteed to make me cry. This season was a little more inconsistent than the past two, but its emotions were even richer than before.

The Simpsons (Season 19) – “Any Given Sundance” (A-)
When I saw this 11 years ago, I laughed a lot. Having now been to Sundance (“Where Parker Posey meets parka-ed posers”), the parody is even more spot-on than I could have imagined.

Luther – Season 1 (B+)
Frequently preposterous, but always grounded by Idris Elba’s incredible performance. Goes in some absurd but profound places emotionally in the final two episodes.

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