What I Watched This Week: 26 May 2019

Killing Eve – “You’re Mine” (A-) / season finale
A controversial episode to be sure, but I think all the choices make sense for the characters. It had to end this way, making perfect symmetry with the first season finale, only now Eve’s gone to the dark side, as much as she wishes she could take it back.

A.P. Bio
“Handcuffed” (B+)
“Spectacle” (B)
The former was a delightful, teacher-centric episode, as Jack tries to keep Mary from getting back with her gross substitute boyfriend. Eddie Leavy also gets a chance to shine, filling in for Principal Durbin to deliver the worst news. The latter is a fun look at the annual talent show, but its emotional crux is a student we’ve hardly ever seen, so it’s not as touching. But it is quite funny.

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