What I Watched This Week: 26 June 2016

Silicon Valley – “The Uptick” (A) / season finale
They saved the best for last in this season that I liked but didn’t love. Richard tests the limits of any goodwill he’s built up, but it’s impossible not to be warmed by hearing that Erlich has bought Pied Piper.

Veep – “Inauguration” (A) / season finale
Incredible, devastating, hilarious, heartbreaking. I have no idea how they’re going to make a fifth season (well, some ideas) but this was an absolutely amazing finale featuring magnificent acting and a plethora of great jokes. Would have served as a perfect series finale, but I’m glad it’s coming back.

The Mindy Project – “Freedom Tower Women’s Health” (B+)
Sometimes I feel like this show would be better with its original title: It’s Messy. Mindy doesn’t even hesitate to jump Jody’s bones once he announces his singleness, but she’s wise enough to kick him out once she learns of his chlamydia. But that reveal also shows Jody’s growth as a character. When he was nothing but a hound dog, it wouldn’t have mattered. But it’s obvious he cares about Mindy and doesn’t want to hurt her. I hope these crazy kids can work it out. But oh wait, we got to see Danny again, and maybe he’s not over her! But he’s also engaged! To Greta Gerwig! I hope that development plays into next season, because next week is the season finale. And while part of me wants Danny and Mindy back together, another part of me wants Greta Gerwig on my TV every week.

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