What I Watched This Week: 26 Jan 2020

The Outsider – “Que Viene el Coco” (A-)
Even without gruesome violence, this episode is the most unsettling yet, because all the stories about boogeymen are real. The plot similarities to It Follows are fine considering that’s one of the best horror stories of the last decade. King’s spin (with Price’s dialogue) is even more sinister.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – “Side Sitting” (B)
Had some pacing issues. (There’s something to be said for a tight 28 minutes vs. a meandering 36.) But it still had me in stitches, even as it was skirting up to the line of of insensitivity.

Schitt’s Creek – “Maid of Honor” (A-)
An episode that truly had it all, even if the Stevie-Alexis storyline was the only one with any emotional heft. But back-to-back references to John Carter and The Love Guru made this one of my favorites.

The Good Place – “Whenever You’re Ready” (A) / series finale
A truly satisfying wrap-up to this show and these characters I loved so deeply. There were some perfect echoes of the show’s first season in the endings for Jason and Michael, and Chidi’s monologue about waves in the ocean just absolutely wrecked me. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to this show, but it was the right time for it to leave.

Grace and Frankie – Season 6 (B+ average)
A bit of an improvement from a hit-or-miss Season 5, as almost every character matured in mostly believable ways. That finale dropped a lot of cliffhangers to be resolved in its final season, but they didn’t do anything to diminish my anticipation.

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