What I Watched This Week: 22 Aug 2021

Reservation Dogs – “What About Your Dad” (B+)
The show gives the spotlight to Rita (the radiant Sarah Podemski) as she navigates a possible new love interest and the return of her ex. The latter gives the show a chance to riff on the classic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode “Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse.” That the show can still be so emotionally resonant amidst dick jokes and internal monologues about whether sex can be good enough to ignore a Confederate flag tattoo is a testament to its writing and performances.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
“PB&J” (B+)
“The Set Up” (A-)
Jake and the Pontiac Bandit’s final adventure is hardly their best, but it’s a more-than-acceptable form of fan service. The latter is a really sharp, clockwork-like episode that’s nearly derailed by Holt’s big speech about how cops should face consequences for their actions.

Ted Lasso – “The Signal” (B+)
The show’s breezing along at this point, but allows some characters to finally get out of neutral (Jamie and Nate), while delivering some interesting new wrinkles (Ted’s anxiety, Beard’s unhealthy relationship with Jane, the reveal that Sam is the one texting Rebecca).

Grace and Frankie – Season 7, Part 1 (B+ average)
Felt a little bit long in the tooth, and of course ends somewhat abruptly due to COVID-related production delays, but it’s still capable of turning out a classic like “The Bunny.”

The X-Files – Season 6 (B+ average)
Started out with the potential to be my favorite season yet, but there are quite a few duds in its back half. Still, those last three episodes are terrific.

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