What I Watched This Week: 21 Jul 2019

Big Little Lies – “I Want to Know” (A-) / season finale
About as satisfying is possible, though of course the final shot is a tantalizing tease for an as-yet-unannounced Season 3. This season definitely had some issues, chief among them being why even do this? But it ultimately proved itself by being of consistently excellent. The first season’s theme was: You don’t really know your neighbors, even if you’re a nosy little shit. This season’s theme was: Your parents will fuck you up.

Legion – “Chapter 24” (A-)
An action-packed installment that still allows David to say goodbye to everyone along the way. Of course, his plan remains flawed, even in its revised form. That last shot is ominous, because even if he succeeds, something else will go wrong.

The Handmaid’s Tale – “Witness” (A-)
“You made this world,” June tells Commander Lawrence. “How long did you think it would be before it came for you?” The horrors he subjected on Gilead force him to commit even more crimes (legal in the eyes of the state) to save his wife and the rest of his household. It’s a harrowing moment, and one that sets off the rest of the season. (Finally.)

“Chapter 20” (A-)
“Chapter 21” (B+)
“Chapter 22” (A)
“Chapter 23” (A-)
Season 2 got out in front of its skis a little, and crashed in trying to stick the landing. Season 3 so far has corrected significantly, nearing the highs of Season 1. This is all about consequences and the inability to change the past. The high point so far was the third episode, which focused on the tragic love story of David’s parents (yes, his father is Charles Xavier).

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