What I Watched This Week: 19 Mar 2017

Crashing – “Parents” (A)
Another sharp episode that cuts deeper than most comedies while still being wildly funny.

The Mindy Project – “Mindy’s Best Friend” (A-)
A solid, funny, deep (for this show) episode, featuring a great-as-always Casey Wilson as Mindy’s middle school friend who visits New York and falls head over heels for Morgan. If only the show could stay this consistent, I’d be more likely to keep up after this season ends next week.

Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin – Live from the Hollywood Palladium (A)
The comedy special of the year. Hilarious, casual and unafraid to ruffle the feathers of anyone in the audience, this is him back in command.

The Americans – “The Midges” (A-)
The season is moving at a snail’s pace, but each discovery and revelation has that much more impact.

Legion – “Chapter 7” (A)
The most exciting episode yet, though the arrival of that character might be one twist too many. We’ll see how they pull off the finale. Still, that classroom scene might be my favorite of the series, which is definitely my favorite show of the year thus far.

Legion – “Chapter 6” (A)
Upends everything we think we know about the show yet again, but in a way that’s still fascinating and not frustrating. Brilliant.

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