What I Watched This Week: 18 Oct 2020

Saturday Night Live – “Issa Rae/Justin Bieber” (B-)
A bit of a mixed bag. Nothing was outright terrible, and it did feature the best cold open of the season so far. Weekend Update has been on fire, too. Kyle Mooney’s digital short was a shrug of a piece of filler, but I will always appreciate someone who apparently has deep affection for Michael and Janet Jackson’s “Scream” video.

The Good Place – Season 4 (A- average)
Taken all together, it doesn’t seem nearly as “just OK” as it did when it aired last fall (and part of January), but it’s still not as magical as the first three seasons, at least until the back half of the season, when it’s absolutely transcendent, with a finale that moved me to tears once again.

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