What I Watched This Week: 12 Sep 2021

Reservation Dogs – “California Dreamin’” (A-)
If Bill Burr shows up as a guest star, you know you’re in for a good episode. Mostly taking place about a year before the events of the season premiere, we finally learn what happened to Daniel, and the reveal is devastating. It puts everything into perspective, and explains so much about Elora’s character. This show continues to blow me away.

What We Do in the Shadows – “The Casino” (A)
The funniest episode of the season to date. The crew travels to Atlantic City – complete with depressing new opening credits – for a weekend getaway and end up succumbing to the soul-sucking mundanity of casinos.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “The Last Day” (A) / series finale
Had no idea what they were gonna do for this finale, but I should have suspected it would be one final heist. And it is glorious, earning its runtime and (nearly) every callback. The show stumbled this season, but when it just played the hits and avoided self-awareness, it was just as good as it always was. I’ll miss it, but it was time for it to go.

Ted Lasso – “Beard After Hours” (A)
If any other show wants to take a break mid-season to pay homage to one of Martin Scorsese’s most underrated movies, that’s fine with me.

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