What I Watched This Week: 12 Aug 2018

Sharp Objects – “Cherry” (B+)
It’s the little details that make this episode: the looks, the hidden words, the people just out of frame. Any potential breakthrough that Camille might have is always going to be undercut by her family. No wonder her dead sister tells her, “It’s not safe for you here.”

Who Is America? – “105” (B)
The most consistently funny episode thus far, but it’s already starting to repeat itself. Cohen needs to mix it up.

ER (Season 2) – “Hell and High Water” (B+)
It’s certainly not on the quality level of “Love’s Labor Lost,” but no wonder it was the highest-rated regular episode of TV ever. This is blockbuster TV, featuring the biggest star on TV acting heroically in an episode that must have been murder to shoot, with an extremely emotional through line.

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