What I Watched This Week: 11 Jul 2021

Kevin Can F**k Himself – “New Patty” (A-)
Mary Hollis Inboden continues to shine, as Allison’s actions leave her in emotional turmoil and physical danger. Allison’s recklessness and impulsiveness lead the audience to believe she’s going to destroy all the goodwill she might have built up, but surprises us by holding off on her murderous plan until she has a better opportunity that won’t destroy Patty in the process. Plus, Jon Glazer shows up as the psychotic Paddy, giving the sitcom scenes a needed edgy injection.

I Think You Should Leave – Season 2 (A- average)
A lot of sketches are more melancholy than the previous season, but still hilarious. With slightly more money, they can do some more elaborate insanity, but keep the same energy.

The X-Files – Season 5 (B+ average)
A little less consistent this season as this season went both bigger in some episodes and smaller than others as they ramp up for the feature film. But “The Post-Modern Prometheus” was extraordinary.

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