What I Watched This Week: 11 Feb 2018

Crashing – “Too Good” (A)
The best episode of the season thus far, though I may have said that before. This one takes place over the course of one eventful night (and I am such an easy mark for episodes like that), with Pete reconnecting with Ali, crashing her tour of New York’s hippest comedy venues, ruining her night and then saving it, leading them back into bed together. I hope this one works because they have genuine chemistry, even if Pete is clumsy in the ways of modern dating.

Chris Rock: Tamborine (A-)
Rock’s first special in years doesn’t have a Dave Chappelle problem: it’s not outrageous because of pettiness or for the sake of being outrageous. Every bit has a point, and he’s as sharp, profane and brutally honest as ever.

Waco – “Operation Showtime” (TBD)
Tried to watch this, but it was the day of the Parkland school shooting, and seeing this much gun violence was too much to handle. It remains to be seen if I’ll go back to finish the series.

Grace and Frankie – Season 4 (B+)
Another solid season as both pairs get in new predicaments and explore new options, only to find a comfortable balance of the new and old. Season 5 will guest star RuPaul, and the only problem with that is that it won’t premiere until 2019.

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