What I Watched This Week: 10 Mar 2019

Crashing – “Mulaney” (A) / series finale
As a season finale, it’s perfect. As a somewhat abrupt series finale, it’s still pretty satisfying. While I’m sad the show is ending on what is clearly not its own turns, especially since it took a leap this season, this is about as good an ending as one could hope. In that respect, it reminded me of the dearly departed Togetherness.

This Is Us – “The Waiting Room” (B-)
In creating an episode where everyone’s annoyed and on edge, we as the audience are also annoyed and on edge. At least the last five minutes, in which Kate and Toby touch their newborn son while communing with Jack from beyond the grave, are spectacular.

Documentary Now! – “Searching for Mr. Larson” (B+)
As a huge Far Side fan, this was pretty great. Fred Armisen gives arguably his best performance yet on this show as the incredibly pathetic documentarian. But the absolute dead-on one line from the actor playing his dad gave me the biggest laugh.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Gintars” (B+)
Ike Barinholtz crushes it, guest starring as the biological father of Nikolaj, who loiters at the 99 until Boyle agrees to let him see the boy. It’s the details that sell this one, like Gintars’ head-to-toe denim, his poorly conceived Gap knock-off (GAPE) business, and that he spends his days watching Mad About You on Latvian Hulu.

A.P. Bio – “Nun” (B+)
Funnier than the premiere, and proving Lynn Shelton should direct a horror movie soon. And what’s this? Something resembling another emotional breakthrough for Jack?

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