TV Recap: Nov. 6-12, 2022

The Handmaid’s Tale – “Safe” (B-) / season finale
This season was even more frustrating than last season. You could almost feel the writers stretching this out for 10 more episodes, only to rush this finale that made the baffling decision to make June and Serena mom BFFs. Still, it’s well-acted and directed, and the show at least dealt with the reality that many countries – no matter how progressive – are still hostile to refugees. It was a dumb story arc, but you bet your ass I’m still gonna watch the final season next year.

Atlanta – “It Was All a Dream” (A) / series finale
Was Darius dreaming at the end? Does it even matter? Atlanta cranked up the surreal flourishes for this finale, exploring the city – or at least Darius’s mind – and finding terror, pressure, beauty and joy. A perfect ending, unless you wanted something more straightforward. And anyone who stuck with the show this long knows that’s not what they do.

NewsRadio – Season 3 (A- average)
With two seasons to go, I’m ready to declare this the best workplace comedy ever (give or take Cheers, which is technically a workplace comedy). The ensemble works together flawlessly, and the stretch of episodes that aired in the winter and spring of 1997 are among the best of any sitcom of the 90s.

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