TV Recap: June 5-11, 2022

Grace and Frankie – Season 7, Part 2 (B+)
No show was probably more impacted by COVID shutdowns than this long-running Netflix sitcom. With most of the stars in their 80s, strict protocols and a long break were truly essential. We must protect these national treasures! The show remained consistently funny until the end, and allowed all the characters to grow from the selfish assholes most of them started out as. The finale itself wasn’t quite as sharp, with lots of yelling and surreal detour into A Matter of Life and Death territory. Still, it was an extremely satisfying wrap-up. There are still too few sitcoms whose main focus is providing laughs.

Luther – Season 5 (B+ average)
Another belated season, but one that wraps up nearly every dangling plot thread. “Episode 2” may be the most chilling hour the show has ever done.

ER – “Time of Death” (A)
Watched this in honor of Ray Liotta’s passing and it’s easy to see why he won the Emmy. This is just incredible work.

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