The Weekender: God Bless the ‘Child’

Movie of the Week

Ex Machina
This one’s intrigued me for awhile. Alex Garland’s delivered something akin to Her meets The Island of Dr. Moreau. And my word, that cast. Oscar Isaac! Domnhall Gleeson! A robotic Alicia Vikander! This is one I don’t want to read anything about because it should be an unsettling experience.

Child 44
Monkey Kingdom
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
True Story

Desert Dancer – Angelika Plano
Seymour: An Introduction — Angelika Dallas, Angelika Plano

Blu-ray Pick

The Babadook
The Babadook
The most critically acclaimed horror movie of 2014, this Australian import is more interested in the real-life terror of being a single mother than actual jump scares, and it’s all the more chilling for it.

Antarctica: A Year on Ice* (84%)
Big Eyes (71%)
God Help the Girl (68%)
Goodbye to Language (86%)
Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (21%)
Maps to the Stars (63%)
The Woman in Black 2 (22%)
You’re Not You (36%)

The Missing (Season 1)

Blood and Black Lace
Bouna Sera, Mrs. Campbell
Class of 1984*
Late for Dinner
Long Weekend (1978)
Odd Man Out [The Criterion Collection]
Sullivan’s Travels* [The Criterion Collection]
Tales of Terror
That Man from Rio/Up to His Ears
The Way Things Go
Woman of Straw


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